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Rosemary and Sage roast Pork shoulder

Rosemary and Sage roast Pork shoulder, tray baked Vegetables, roast Potatoes and Gluten free Yorkshires.

It’s possible not really worth adding a full recipe here. We foraged quite a bit of fresh Rosemary and Sage the other day which really working with the bit of Pork shoulder we had in the freezer. Again we had quite a few bits and bobs of vegetables floating about so we tray baked them. Add some roast spuds and Yorkshire puddings and – you guessed it – Sunday roast on a Wednesday!

The experiment here was the crackling.

As you’ve probably noticed if you freeze pork the slow freezing process allows ice crystals to form in the rind. This damages the structure and makes getting good crackling very difficult. More often than not you end up with something which resembles boot leather! So we cut the bendy rind off the roast when we’d taken it out to rest and popped it in the deep fat fryer. It’s not quite like crackling, probably more like Pork Scratchings. But it was very tasty and still had the Sage and Rosemary taste to it.


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