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Little people don’t need takeaway food to keep them happy. Sometimes if you get them involved in making their favourites it’s not only cost effective, but also instills a few basic cooking skills and hopefully an interest in food. Dean our grandson has been staying with us for a few days. 7 years old is not too young to be cooking under supervision. Well we don’t think so any way!….

Dean likes Pasta Bolognese – So here’s him helping to make it!

The finished results!


He’s also rather keen on Chicken Nuggets. But our home made version is considerably healthier….


We also had to do the obligatory Pumpkin….


Recipes here:-

Pasta Bolognese
Gluten free Garlic Bread (Just melt Garlic Butter over it!)
Chicken Nuggets

We did give him breakfast and lunch so he didn’t need to stick to our “One hearty meal a day” gig, but even so we didn’t break our £4 a budget too dramatically…...

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