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Plum, pickled wild Mushroom and pickled Garlic sauce

Initially this was intended as a dipping sauce…. As we have found with a lot of foraged items they have much stronger flavours than their shop bought counterparts. So this is going over a £1.38 rack of Pork ribs!

This was clearly an experiment and we’d not expect anybody in their right mind to have these ingredients to hand! But it’s good to experiment. You never know what you’ll invent for a few pence….


260g of frozen foraged Plums
4 large lumps of pickled Chicken Of The Woods
Lacto Fermented Garlic Cloves
A slug of Soy Sauce and Fish Sauce
2 table spoons of Sugar
Enough Tomato sauce to make the sauce wet enough to pour over your meat

Shop bought Mushrooms, fresh Garlic and bought Plums would probably result in something good, but maybe not quite as strong flavoured.


(1) Thaw the plums. We used the Microwave but it doesn’t matter if you heat them gently in a pan with a little water.
(2) Simmer the Plums in a little water until you can squash them with a fork.
(3) Press through a colander to separate the stones, keeping to juice, pulp and skins.
(4) Allow to cool so you don’t damage your blender.
(5) Blend everything apart from the Tomato Sauce to a fine texture.
(6) Add back to the pan and simmer for 20 minutes.
(7) Add enough Tomato Sauce to make your sauce liquid enough to pour.

Plum, pickled wild Mushroom and pickled Garlic sauce


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