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Saturday Night Fake-Away

Obviously we can’t get a takeaway and to be fair we wouldn’t if we could. So we thought we’d have a pop at the old chippy favourite – Battered Sausages. Actually we had far too much batter so we battered our chips as well!

Ingredients for the batter:-

Rice Flour
Corn Flour
Plain Flour (Gluten free in our case)
Gram Flour
2 Eggs for Egg wash


(1) Beat your Eggs in a bowl for the Egg wash.
(2) Add plain Flour to a bowl.
(3) Mix the other ingredients with enough water to make a stiff batter.
(4) Cook and cool your Sausages in the oven.
(5) Heat the fryer to 180c.
(6) Roll the sausage in flour, Egg wash and Flour again.
(7) Dunk in the Batter trying to cover evenly and fry a couple at a time until golden brown.

Perhaps not the most elegant dish we’ve ever cooked. But tasty! Lots of Salt, Vinegar, Totam & Brown Sauce - Sorted!

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