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Composé d'œuf, de bacon, de haricots et de pain grillé recipe

My French is non-existent - I used a translation service! Several computer languages and a working smattering of Latin, but French? Not my gig….


(This is a joke guys)

Equidistantly carved fine grain White Bread, Sans Gluten. Lightly caramelised on opposing outer faces
Haricot Beans in a sweetened reduction of pureed Tomato with selected Spices and Salt
Nitrate cured finely sliced Pork Loin, grilled at exactly 190c for 453 second
Brown Wood Fowl Eggs tempered in a moderate Oil bath.
Emulsion of Vegetable Oils and Salted water


(1) Stop it with all that poxie nonsense.
(2) Enjoy your Bacon, Bean and Egg Buttie.


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