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Beetroot and Bryndza warm Salad

Our second “Vegetarian Alphabet” recipe. This was quite a long process. But very tasty….


100g Rosecoco Beans
2 Fresh Beetroots including their tops
2 Medium Potatoes
Bryndza Cheese ( We made this ourselves – Feta will replace this )
2 Small Onions
½ a Yellow and ½ a Red Pepper
Fresh Rosemary
Dried Rosemary
Mixed Herbs
2 leaves of Winder Green Cabbage
Chilli Flakes
Salt & Pepper
Spirit Vinegar
Halved Cherry Tomatoes


(1) Soak the Beans for at least 5 hours.
(2) Cut the greens off the Beetroots, leave a inch or so attached.
(3) Sprinkle with Vinegar, lay on fresh Rosemary and drizzle with Oil. Keep the greens.
(3) Roast them for 40 minutes at 180c and then set aside to cool.
(4) Drain the Beans and add to a pan of fresh water with a little Turmeric.
(5) Bring to the boil and then simmer for 40 minutes.
(6) Drain the Beans and set aside.
(7) When cool enough to handle peel the Beetroot and cut into chunks.
(8) Peel and dice the Potatoes and pre boil in salted water for 5 minutes.
(9) Drain and add little salt, a dash or Oil and mixed Herbs. Set aside to cool.
(10) Skin and chop the Onions and Peppers, arrange on a baking tray and drizzle with Oil and sprinkle with dried Rosemary.
(11) Add the Beetroot and stir together.
(12) Place in the oven on the middle shelf at 180c.
(13) Place the Beans on a baking tray at the bottom of the oven.
(14) Grill the Cheese the Cherry Tomatoes.
(15) Chop the Cabbage leaves and Beetroot stems and stir fry with a little Salt & Pepper.
(16) Fry the diced Potatoes until crispy. These can be served as a side once dried on kitchen paper.
(17) Sprinkle the roasted Bean with Chilli flakes and then place under the grill so they pop.
(18) Bring everything together on a plate and dress with the Cheese and grilled Tomatoes.

We fried some Beetroot discs as crisps for a side to go with the cubed Potatoes. This is certain not a recipe for a quick turn-around. But it was really tasty.

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