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Chicken and Cheese Pasty

The second appearance of both the stir fry pack and the roasted Chicken!

There’s not much point in a recipe for this creation, basically anything you have inside some Gluten free home made pastry will do it….

Chicken Stir Fried Rice recipe

We’re on the “A million ways to spin a whole Chicken out” gig again. Sue roasted the Chicken stuffed with halved Lemons, sprinkled with Chilli flake and fresh Garlic, on a bed of fresh Rosemary. Which in itself would have been a cracking dinner. But yesterday was an unforgivingly hot evening and by the time the Chicken had been in the oven for over an hour neither of us could face a roast dinner. So an impromptu stir fry was hatched. I even sold out and bought a stir fry packet for 80p – How lazy?


The thigh meat from the cooked Chicken, stripped
Boiled Rice
Stir fry veg pack
Soy Sauce
Chilli flakes


(1) Fry the stir fry mixed vegetables in a little oil.
(2) Add the rice and stripped Chicken
(3) Lace with incredibly hot Chilli Flakes from the local Continental super market!
(4) Drown in Soy Sauce!
(5) Mix well and serve
(6) Listen to Sue swigging on antacid all night…...

It was my turn to cook so steps 4, 5 & 6 are not wise unless you like quite some punch!


Hazelnut Pesto

It’s very early for Hazel Nuts this year. But what falls gets eaten here!


Hazel Nuts
Olive or Rice Husk Oil
Fresh Basil
White Wine Vinegar


(1) Put the nuts in the oven at 200C and roast for 10 minutes. This stops the Pesto going moldy.
(2) Allow to cool and then batter with a rolling pin the get the nuts out of the shells. Do not hit your thumb, it hurts!
(3) In a blender add all the ingredients and wuzz until it’s reasonably fine grained.

I like Pesto with a bit of bite so I didn’t wuzz it up as much as some folk might like.

Gluten free stuffing balls recipe

Sometimes it’s the little things Sue misses, or missed. But creative cooking is always good!


Home cooked Gluten free Bread, grated
1 Onion, finely sliced
Salt and Pepper
1 Egg, beaten
Dried Sage and Basil
Oil and Butter (Margarine)


(1) Sweat the Onions down with a little oil and butter.
(2) Add the dried Sage and a little of Salt,Pepper and dried Basil.
(3) Grate the Gluten Free Bread.
(4) Add a beaten Egg and mix well.
(5) Form into balls and pop in the oven with your roast for the last 15 minutes in a greased tray on the bottom shelf.

Offally Versatility (No Waffles here folks!) and Sag Aloe

Both Liver and Kidney in one dish? Oh why not!


Liver and Kidney
Flour ( Gluten free in our case)
Salt, Pepper, Onion Salt and Garlic Salt – To season the Flour
White Wine Vinegar
Tomato Puree
Chilli Flakes
Reserved Chicken Stock
Salt and Pepper
Tomato Sauce


(1) Cube and coat the Liver & Kidney in Seasoned flour.
(2) Sear on all sides in a bit of oil.
(3) Set the Offal aside and drain the juices into a pan.
(4) To the juices add White Wine Vinegar, Tomato Puree, Chilli Flakes, Pepper, Chicken stock and Tomato Sauce.
(5) Simmer to reduce.
(6) Add Liver and Kidney and Peas to the sauce.

We served ours with Sag Aloe. A very quite an tasty “End of the month” dish.


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