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Deep fried Garlic Chilli Pork strips


There are quite a few far eastern student at the University of York campus just up the road from us. This is great news as a micro economy has developed with several Chinese supermarkets within walking distance. The Garlic Chilli Sauce was a bit of a novelty buy at £1.29 but it doesn't take any prisoners! It does however work really well as a marinade.
Pork loin steaks, cut into strips
1 tbs Chinese Garlic Chilli Sauce 
Plain flour
Marinade the Pork in the Garlic Chilli Sauce for half an hour, making sure it is evenly coated
Add the flour and stir so it sticks and coats all the outside
Fry in a deep fat fryer in batches at 180c until golden brown
We served ours with a stir fry and rice noodles. 

Onion Bhajis recipe

We actually cooked far too much Turkey curry on Tuesday so we had left overs yesterday. With a addition of a fresh batch of  Onion Bhajis

Onion Bhajis recipe:-
2 Onion roughly chopped
100g Gram flour
½ tsp baking powder
½ tsp Chilli powder
Chopped Chillies
½ tsp Turmeric
Oil to fry
(1) Mix all the ingredients into a batter in a bowl.
(2) Add sufficient oil to a large pan for the Bhajis to float and heat.
(3) Fly on both sides until golden brown.

Turkey Thigh Jalfrezi Curry with Home Made Onion Bhajis recipe

It's not often that I do this. But I've done a complete costing here and sourcing – just to prove it can actually be done for £4. Please ignore the stuff in italics if you're not interested.


1 Turkey Drumstick ( The thigh and drumstick were on offer at Morrisons Foss Isle Road at £2.99 – The thigh is probable over 1/3 of the weight in total so I'm saying £1 for cost ) - £1

1 Jar of  Jalfrezi Curry sauce ( Morrisons again, it's within walking distance! ) - 75p

1 tin of Tomatoes – 23p ( Morrisons or if you can get there Aldi on Fulford road they have them for 16p a tin )

Basmati Rice 2 hands full ( At Supermarket prices that 's 1/5 of a bag at £1 bag – At The Continental Shop on Hull Road you can buy 20Kg for £7.99, if you have storage and transport ) - 20p

2 clove of Garlic (We use the Polish deli on Walmgate. A very large bulb is 50p. So I'm saying 5p) – 5p

Gram Flour ( 100g Working on 69p at The Continental Shop on Hull Road for 1Kg – let's say 7p ) - 7p

Baking powder ½ tsp ( Oh who knows? ) 10p

4 Bullet Chillies ( We got 500g from the Polish deli on Walmgate for 50p as they were close to date – 3 Weeks ago!) 1p

6 Small Onions ( Morrisons Wonky Veg 59p for 500g – so let's say 15p?) - 15p

Reasonable sprinkles of  Ground Ginger, Garam Masala, Chilli Flakes, Paprika, Salt & Pepper ( We get these from  Polish deli on Walmgate – so say ) 15p

Pack of shop bought Poppadoms £1

Oil to fry – say 10p

Total cost £4.82 – We've frozen ½ of the Curry and and have left-overs for tomorrow – so I'd say we are under the £4 per day budget, technically.
Here's how we did it:-
(1) Heat the oven to 160c.
(2) Oil the Drumstick, sprinkle with Chilli flakes, Salt & Pepper.
(3) Foil and place in the oven for at least 2 hours, until the meat is quite tender and pulling away from the bone at the thinner ends.
(4) Take out and let rest.
(1) Add 2 of the Onions, sliced, Tomatoes,  a little ground Ginger, Garam Masala, Chilli Flakes, Paprika, Salt & Pepper to a large pan and simmer for 30 minutes.
(2) Add the Curry Sauce ( It's really up to you, we like Jalfrezi ) and an equivalent amount of water. Stir well and let simmer and reduce while the Turkey leg cooks and then cools.
Onion Pickle:- (Optional)
A dash of oil
Dried mint
1 small Onion diced
1 red Bullet Chilli diced
White Wine Vinegar
Just mix all the ingredients
Onion Bhajis:-
2 Onion finely chopped
100g Gram flour
½ tsp baking powder
½ tsp Chilli powder
Chopped Chillies ( Please see above – generally if they are small they WILL be hot!)
½ tsp Paprika
(1) Mix all the ingredients into a batter in a bowl.
(2) Let rest.
Putting it all together:-
(1) Cut the cooled meat into reasonably lumps and remove the “Quills” these are the hard connective tendons.
(2) Add the meat to the curry sauce and simmer.
(3) Boil your rice in salted water until it has increased in volume to double and is tender.
(4) Heat a frying pan with a enough oil for the Bhajis to float. Fry until golden brown on both sides.
(5) Drain the rice, make a bed, add the Curry and server with your  Bhajis,  Poppadoms and pickles if you like.
We made home made Chutney and Lime Pickle a while ago (Click for our recipes)
Celeriac – A seasonal Unsung HeroWe often post about meat. Our usual way of shopping is to find a low cost piece of meat in the reductions and build a meal around it. That's mostly my fault (Tony) as I'd make a very poor Vegetarian! But we don't often mention the vegetables specifically.
So Celeriac......
It's a sort of universal soldier for us at the moment. The local supermarket have them at £1 each and as they are priced per item you can get a very substantial chap for very little, weight for weight compared with other veg at the moment. OK they look quite unimpressive, knobbly, off white and are hard going to cut raw. But they are worth the effort. Another advantage is that unlike many root vegetables they don't discolour when you've cut them, so you can store a cut one in the fridge for days and come back to it. 
We've enjoyed:-
  • Home made Celeriac Coleslaw – Just cut lumps and grate it with Carrots, Onions etc. and mix in Mayonnaise.
  • Carrot and Celeriac mash. Use the Celeriac instead of Swede.
  • Boiled Celeriac batons.
  • Roasted Celeriac.
  • Celeriac in casseroles and Hotpots
Yes this picture is another Sunday roast, but the star of this show were the Celeriac Chips.
(1) Cut the Celeriac into slim chip sized batons.
(2) Par boil to soften slightly.
(3) Deep fry.
It's a versatile beast. Enjoy! 
Chilli Pork Hock Casserole recipeA Pork Hock at £2 doesn't in it's own right either sound or look very appealing. But cooked low and slow in a casserole it was taste and very tender The vegetable in the casserole were just what we had in the fridge, any firm root vegetable will do at long as they won't turn to mush.
When I worked in the butchers many moons ago we bought Pork Hock in 20Kg boxes, bagged them and broiled them in their own juices over night in the Ham Boiler. They never lasted long in the hot counter..... Customers wandering round town with greasy chops and fingers!
1 Pork Hock
2 small Onions roughly sliced
2 Carrots cut into think batons
¼ of a Celeriac thickly sliced
1 stock cube
1 tin of Kidney Bean
Salt & Pepper
Chilli flake
Oil to rub
(1) Dissolve the stock cube in a pint of boiling water and add a little salt and pepper.
(2) Layer the vegetable and Kidney Beans in a casserole dish.
(3) Mix the Chilli Flakes and oil are rub over the skin.
(4) Lay the meat over the vegetables and beans and pour the stock around. Add a little move hot water if the vegetables aren't submerged.
(5) Place in the oven and cook uncovered at 160c for hours. Hours and hours. Do a couple of wash loads, paint the spare room, write a book. You know, hours and hours!
(6) Once in a while baste the meat with a little of the stock.
When the meat is falling off the bone you're good to serve. We had ours with Garlic New Potatoes and deep fried Savoy cabbage to add a little colour.

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