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Green Tomato and Apple ChutneyThere were quite a number of green tomatoes in the community garden which were not likely to riped and we found some wind-fall apples. This green tomato and apple chutney is the perfect combination of sweet and savoury and works well with a curry.
450g (1 lb) green tomatoes, chopped
450g (1 lb) onions, minced
225g (1/2 lb) apples, cored and chopped
450g (1 lb) brown sugar
55g (2 oz) salt
300ml (1/2 pt) spirit vinegar
1 teaspoon whole Black Peppercorns
(1) Combine all of the ingredients in a large saucepan and bring to the boil. Reduce to a simmer for 2 hours, stirring occasionally, until the chutney has cooked down and thickened.
(2) While the chutney is still hot, ladle into sterilised jars, seal tightly and leave undisturbed overnight to set. Store in a cool dark place until ready to use.
Chicken Wings & Thighs recipe“Basically butchery of any sort is a reductive cost incremental process.” Easy for my old colleague Geoff the butcher to say! What he actually meant was the more time and effort required in the butchery process, the more you have to charge for the end result. So generally with Chicken for example, you are better buying the full bird and cutting it yourself.
However sometimes in the reductions you find a little surprise. These Wings & Thighs cost us 89p! It's a while ago when we were still living in the tent and had very limited resources, but they made a great meal at very little cost.
1 box of Chicken Wings and Thighs
1 Onion
6 Mushrooms
Vegetables – Whatever you have
Gravy mix (We use Bisto Best as it's Gluten free)
(1) Chop the Onions and Mushrooms.
(2) Add the Onions and Mushrooms to a pan of water and add 3 table spoons of gravy powder.
(3) Bring the gravy to the boil and then reduce the heat to a simmer until the Onions and Mushrooms have softened. Remove from the heat.
(4) Place the Chicken pieces in a pan of water and broil with a little salt and pepper until they are cooked. Remove from the heat, drain and cover.
(5) Slice or chop your vegetables and boil in salted water until tender.
(6) Add the Chicken to the gravy and gently reheat.
(7) Serve the Chicken over the vegetables.
A quick and easy nutritious family meal.
Lacto-Fermented Cauliflower recipeIt's not often we have much leftover, but sometimes there are offers at the supermarkets you can't refuse. If you find yourself awash with vegetables of any description and you like pickles, Lacto-Fermenting is your friend.
Basically all you need are 8 level table spoons of salt per litre of water dissolved and cooled to room temperature and whatever vegetables you fancy.
Sue likes pickled Cauliflower, we added a bit of Chilli to spice it up a little. The Dill seeds are added as they act as a 'Starter Kit' and naturally have the desired bacteria. Most vegetables have it on them anyway, so they're not essential. If after 3 weeks in a cupboard the contents of the sealed jar smell like a pickle you're onto a winner. If they smell rotten, then maybe not good eating!
Sufficient brine to fill as many jars as you are using.
Your choice of vegetables chopped, sliced, broken up or just shoved into the jars really!
(1) Add the vegetables and brine to the bottles.
(2) Seal.
(3) Put away for 3 weeks.
(4) Enjoy.
It couldn't be much easier really and it's a great way of preserving.
Quick Chilli recipeIf you want something which has a bit of heat a quick Chilli is always good. Served with boiled Rice, salted Nachos or in Jacket Potatoes. 
500g of Mince (Pork and Beef mince is cheaper than Beef)
1 Onion sliced
2 Cloves of Garlic grated
1 tin of chopped Tomatoes
1 tin of Baked Beans
1 tin of Kidney Beans
½ a tube of Tomato Purée
2 teaspoons of Chilli powder
2 whole Chillies chopped ( Deseed if you prefer it mild )
Salt and Pepper
(1) Fry the Mince.
(2) Add the Onions, Garlic and Chilli powder, Salt & Pepper to taste and stir well.
(3) Add the tin of Tomatoes & Baked Beans then allow to simmer.
(4) Add the Tomato Purée.
(5) Add the Chillies.
(6) Wash and drain the Kidney Bean and add. Simmer on a low heat.
Serve with boiled Rice, salted Nachos or in Jacket Potatoes. Sprinkle with grated Cheese if you wish.
Stir-fried Chicken with Oyster and Spring Onion SauceWe roasted our own Chicken, but a cool roasted bird will do the job just as well.
½ a cool cooked Chicken
1 Onion
3 Cloves of Garlic
Cauliflower Leaves, or white Cabbage
8 Cherry Tomatoes
Vegetable Oil for frying both the stir-fry and some in a pan to crisp some of the noodles
Oyster and Spring Onion sauce
Soy Sauce (Gluten free is available from most supermarkets)
1/2 a pack of Rice Noodles
(1) Chop the vegetables and grate the Garlic.
(2) Halve the Tomatoes and Mushrooms.
(3) Chop the Chicken meat into manageable pieces but not too small so it doesn't break down when fried.
(4) Add oil to a deep sided frying pan or Wok if you have one and heat to a high heat.
(5) Fry the Parsnips,Cauliflower leaves, Garlic and Onions. Any root vegetables will do.
(6) Stir in a teaspoon of Paprika.
(7) Add the remaining Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Chicken, pickled Vegetables and fry, turning as they heat through.
(8) Boil a pan of water then remove from the heat. Add the Rice Noodles and soften them. Drain and rinse with cold water and set aside.
(9) Add the Oyster and Spring Onion sauce and a hearty glug of Soy Sauce to the Stir-fry and mix well.
(10)  Keep a handful of noodles to fry and add the remaining Noodles into the Stir-fry and mix well.
(11) Heat a little oil in a pan and gently fry a hand full of the Rice Noodles one at a time until they are crispy.
(12) Serve and add the crispy Noodles to the top to add a little extra crunch. 

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